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No More Jet Lag...

Dr Chris Idzikowski in Edinburgh, Scotland is suggesting that wearing sunglasses, while traveling, will reduce Jet Lag. I am especially interested in this research, because I'm traveling to Ireland around the end of May, which is about nine hours long, depending on how many stops there are during the trip. Go check out the article. The Edinburgh Sleep Centre for British Airways surveyed 1,000 passengers during this study.

Dr Chris Idzikowski, director of The Edinburgh Sleep Centre, said that without using sunglasses it took a day to recover for every hour of time difference travelled westwards.

He said: "The biological clock is 20,000 nerve cells in the brain, it is a physical thing and not made up like many people think.

"When passengers are travelling west it's like a long day for the biological clock but when flying east, the clock tries to go into reverse which is obviously harder."

Dr Idzikowski has drawn up a jet lag checker for passengers, which tailors the amount of time and when passengers are to wear sunglasses.


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