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Several times a day I hear people complaining about the government, but these same people will never stand up and take action. What do I mean by action? If you want to make a change vote, and make your opinion known by writing your senator or congressman. Be educated about politics and get involved in your community. Most peoples stance is that if it doesn't bother them then why should they care. What most people don't realizze, is that everything affects us from the price of gas to taxes. Get involved...

I don't know everything, nor do believe that I know it all. I've lived through good times and bad, and I'm simply stating my opinion. It drives me insane when people complain but won't bother to vote their opinion. Whats your opinion?

By they way, just to let you know a little about myself. I work full-time in sales and go to college two days a week. Don't think however, that I am some opinionated kid, I'm 33 and seen a lot in my day. I will go into greater detail on my next post. I keep up with the news and politics via RSS feeds, and I read constantly.


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