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Katrina has been a disaster of epic proportions that nobody could have foreseen. Everybody is blaming everybody else; in fact, the Democrats are blaming the Republicans and vice versa. The president owned up and took responsibility for the catastrophe. I don’t blame the president, I simply believe that everyone involved from the mayor to the head of FEMA are to blame. As several people have said, there was no leadership, when it was needed the most. Regardless of whom did or didn’t do their job, Katrina destroyed and desiccated countless lives. I cannot fathom what those people had to deal with and what they are still dealing with today.

As Americans, we must gather together, instead of tearing apart like old tattered clothing. We should not expect anyone to help us, but we should all reach out to others when they are in direr need. I have donated to the Red Cross, and I recommend that you give if you are able. We live in the greatest country on Earth that has been prosperous since its insertion onto the world map. The ACLU and Left-Wing liberals are pulling out every tool to destroy our great country. We must fight with every part of our being to stop these horrendous attacks.


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