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Crime Rate Spiralling Out of Control...

Like it or not...Admit it or not, America is spiraling out of control, but at the moment I only want to concentrate on crime. Analicia Perry, from Roxbury, Massechussettes was shot and killed today, while kneeling over a shrine, where her brother had died a year earlier. Cities, like Boston, which used to be a model city for other crime ridden cities, had the highest crime rate last year of the decade, and it has been suggested that it will go even higher this year.

I was watching CSPAN last evening, and caught about half of a meeting, where prominent African Americans were discussing what could be done to help Young African American Men. Many things were suggested and a ton of complaints were thrown on the table. I agreed with about half of the speakers. Did you know that 70% of all African American births are out of wedlock, sad but true. The main focus that I received from people like Mr. Bill Cosby, was family, and its imperative importance. I totally concur on that note. Where is the famed American Family anymore?

The main thing I want to point out is that the issues that they discussed cross all racial boundaries. If we are truly a united people, we must forget all this racial nonsense and work to help all young people, regardless of race or culture. I know plenty of "white" people that have been through hell, for no good reason. For instance, I have this friend of mine at work, who is married and has a son. Her husband has been locked up for a year now, for a driving under suspension. The man finally got his life straightened out, got a job, took care of his wife and kid, and for that, he got thrown in jail. This gentleman happens to be a "white" man. Now, if the tables were turned maybe he would still be out. I don't know... The truth is, we all have our demons and struggles in life, regardless of race or culture.

In addition, I was watching CSPAN about a week ago, and they had John Edwards speaking at some democratic meeting. He said something that rattle me to the core, because it is so true. America is looking for a leader. All of the children growing up in these single parent homes have nobody to look up to. It all boils down to family...The crime, children born out of wedlock, doing drugs, drinking, and getting involved with the wrong crowd. Children desperately need and deserve a mom and dad. Any prick that wants to call himself a man, after running out on some poor girl he knocked up, better not cross my path.

Some time ago...ahemI(I will not tell how long ago, for that would be divulging too far into my personal life.)...I thought that I was going to be a dad, because of reasons I will never disclose. Well, I went through a couple of days of hell, contemplating the future. Anyhow, rest assured, I would of been by her side through thick and thin. That is just the type of guy I am, because my dad was always there for me. I hope to be a good father some day, and according to my dad, I best hurry up, because I'm not getting any younger. :-)

What's your say?

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