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What Can I Say?

Hi folks, I do apologize for my slackness of late. I'm a very busy fella, as we all are at this day and time. The blogosphere is a bit bleak at the moment. Everybody is discussing the Middle East, but it's too damn depressing for me to talk about, and really, what words can be uttered that will resolve the conflict.

However, with all the death, violence, war, and sickness in the world, people can still find love. Observing human nature has always been a hobby of mine. When love takes over, as it does to anyone that is in love, everything else falls to the wayside. But with all the delight that love or should I say your beloved brings to your life, it or they can also inflict you with the most horrendous pain, you could every envision. Kids, young adults, and adults, be forewarned of what is to come. :-) I'm just joshing you, love is grand...

Speaking of love, if you are in the mood for some soulful music, check out Corinne Bailey Rae. She has the most exquisite voice, that I have heard in quite some time. Unlike most young artist in her genre, her lyrics are written in the most elegant manner. Of course, she has an English Literature degree, and she is from Leeds, England. The biggest reason I like and respect her music, is because she doesn't show off her physical attributes, like so many of her young American counterparts do. A little mystery is a good thing, for it brings out the best of our imagination. :-)

PS: My friend Jett Loe has fell off the face of the earth. If you don't know who he is, go check out his Podcast/Blog (Letter To America). I've known Jett for quite some time, and I surely hope that he is OK. All of us in the blogosphere, or at least some of us, really do care about you buddy. Take care, and call me, let me know what's going on dude. :-)

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