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Oh Please...

Supposedly, this Virgin Mary shaped statuette was formed from drippings of a chocolate vat at Bodega Chocolates, Fountain Valley California. I am not poking fun at Catholic beliefs, but this is obviously a hoax. I would never poke fun at Catholics, because half of my family is Catholic. :-)


Workers at Angiano's gourmet chocolate company, Bodega Chocolates, discovered under a vat a 2-inch-tall column of chocolate drippings that they believe bears a striking resemblance to the Virgin Mary.

Since the discovery Monday, Angiano's employees have spent much of their time hovering over the tiny figure, praying and placing rose petals and candles around it.

"I was raised to believe in the Virgin Mary, but this still gives me the chills," Angiano said as she balanced the dark brown figure in her hand. "Everyone should see this."

Kitchen worker Cruz Jacinto was the first to spot the lump of melted chocolate when she began her shift Monday cleaning up drippings that had accumulated under a large vat of dark chocolate.

Chocolate drippings usually harden in thin, flat strips on wax paper, but Jacinto said she froze when she noticed the unusual shape of this cast-off: It looked just like the Virgin Mary on the prayer card she always carries in her right pocket.

"When I come in, the first thing I do is look at the clock, but this time I didn't look at the clock. My eyes went directly to the chocolate," said Jacinto, dressed in a hair net and apron as she paused from her work. "I thought, 'Am I the only one who can see this? I picked it up and I felt emotion just come over me. For me, it was a sign."

KJV Exodus 20;3 Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

Sorry, didn't mean to get all religious on ya, but when one puts more emphasis on an "idle", than one puts on the God, that he or she is supposed to be worshiping, then I have a problem with that. DO you think this is real, or just publicity for their chocolate shop? What's your say?

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