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World Trade Center Movie

I for one, am not astonished by the out pouring of tears, which ensued at the screening of The World Trade Center Movie. I reckon that everyone that is American, and even those that are abroad can remember where they were and what they were doing. I remember watching the news about the first crash, when the second plane hit.

Several bloggers, reporters, and news anchors have said that it is too soon, but if it has a glimmer of a chance, of awakening the kinship we had with one another after September 11th, then I say go for it.

I was watching Rescue Me last night, when the Character Tommy said, "I bet any of you could give me the names of all the finalist in the American Idol Contest, but can you give me one name out of the 343 Fireman that lost their lives on September 11th. No, I didn't think so..." Those are very true words that certainly hit home with me. Us Americans must never forget the sacrifices those men and women made on that faithful day.

I will go and watch the movie tomorrow night, and let you know how it is, but I won't tell ya if I cried or not. :-) What say you?

Nicholas Cage is the man....

"World Trade Center" sparked debate about whether Americans are ready for a film focusing on the Twin Towers attack, where 2,749 people died, but moviegoers at an early New York screening commended it.

"It was touching, (Stone) did a good job," said makeup artist Rodney Ramos. "I feel like I'm closing something a little bit."

About 50 people attended a matinee screening at a Midtown Manhattan cinema. Many wept or were visibly shaken.

The movie, starring Nicolas Cage, is based on the true story of two policemen who raced into the World Trade Center to save people, but were trapped in the rubble of the collapsed buildings for 12 hours before their rescue.

"I can understand why people are not ready to see it yet, but I think that they will be surprised at how powerful and personal it is," said Leslie Friedman, a New Yorker who said she was not in the city on the day of the attacks.

Reviewers have said the often-provocative Stone had shown respect, restraint and patriotism in the film, but box office experts said the test would be whether people were willing to see it or considered the subject too sensitive.

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