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Happy Easter...

I would like to wish everybody in the states, Ireland, UK, and (heck) the whole world a Happy Easter. If you are Irish, please go check out United Irelander, for he has a ton of facts about the 1916 Easter Rising. Also, go check out Letter to America, they will be having a special chapter of the podcast coming out on Tuesday.

Oh, I can’t help but remember the Easters of years past. I would go hunting for Easter eggs, and I would wait for the Easter Rabbit to bring gifts. It is funny to think that we are supposed to be celebrating Jesus Rising from the Tomb, yet we are looking for a stupid rabbit. That tells you how screwed up the human race really is.

Tomorrow, I will be hiding Easter Eggs and making sure none of the kids cheat. Unfortunately, this has been my duty for quite some time, since I’m the only single adult left in the family. It really sucks to be singled out. (Ha-Ha) That’s ok though, I take my job of egg hider seriously. LOL…



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