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Trip Update...

I mad a few minor mistakes, when I told you the dates for my trip.

  1. Land at Shannon airport on the 24th.
  2. Take a train from Shannon to Dublin on the 25th
  3. I'll be in the Dublin area until the 1st of June
  4. I'm taking one-day trips out of Dublin to places around Dublin to visit.
  5. On the 1st, I'll get on yet another train, and head north to Belfast.
  6. I'll be in the Belfast area until the 4th, when I'll take another train back to Shannon.
  7. God I love trains.

I'm sure that I'll have a terriffic time. I have been so wound up about this trip, that I can't think about anything else. Hopefully, I'll have some interesting post for you this evening.
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