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Don't you just love Windows!

My PC started acting crazy over a few days. First, the scanner quit working, then the printer, and last night my NIC (Network Interface Card) went out. I checked all of my connections and even had a look over all of the motherboard connections, but to no avail. At this point, I knew I had myself a windows driver problem. Instead of trying to temporarily fix the problem, I backed up all of my data, as I do once a month, and formatted and reinstalled Windows XP Pro.

I reinstall about every six months. The reason I do it so often, is because I push my machine to its limits and beyond. I'm constantly uninstalling programs I don't like, installing new ones, downloading gigs of free documentaries and music collections, and I do a lot of video and audio editing, which stresses a machine. Anyhow, I felt like doing what the guy in this video did to his computer. No, I wouldn't harm my beloved self-built computer like that. :)

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