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Oh Kramer...

Michael_richards If you don't know, after all of the television coverage, Michael Richards, best known for the character Kramer on Seinfeld, said some racist remarks, while on stage. He said that he was being heckled, which caused him to go on a racist rampage. He has apologised for his remarks, but it will follow him for the rest of his career.

He brought a stigma to the forefront of society. In America, if you don't know or choose not to know, there is a deep tension between Whites, Blacks, and Latinos. Some of us choose to hide it in the closet with everything else that we choose not to confront, while others confront it head on, and get over it. South Carolina, the state in which I reside, has never resolved its civil war issues. The tension between people here is sometimes thick enough to cut with a knife.

What Michael said was wrong, there's no doubting that, but what's even more of a travesty, is that one fit of rage will follow him for the rest of his life. We all make mistakes, shouldn't we forgive and forget.

I went to private school that had no African Americans, but before going to private school at age 13, I attended a school in a predominately black neighborhood. There were very few Caucasians in the school, so we stuck together like glue. I had African American friends as well, some of which saved my neck on a few occasions. I got beat up, locked in lockers, called names, and spit on. Did I ever say the N word? Never!

Racism is more than just about colour, it's far more complicated than that. It's about colour, social class, and social status. I don't hate anyone, life is too short for such nonsense. :)

I won't display his racist remarks, but you can watch it here.

Here is his apology...

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