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Music, and its affect on the Intellect...

Have you ever been listening to the radio, when a song comes on that intensely reminds you of someone? Well, it has happened to me countless times. For instance, I was traveling to work this morning, when a song, called You Could Be Happy, came pounding through the airwaves, which instantly drew me back to Ireland, Ms. Ireland to be exact. Anyhow, I got to thinking about how music our modality. Sunday, I wrote a post about how I'm a Drama King, so perhaps one goes with the other.

Am I the only man on this enamoured planet that is moved by a manuscript or a melody? Melodies that travel like coarse silk through a light breeze. I reckon that I'm Mr. Sensitive. :)

I should be able to post a the new short story that I discussed yesterday, this evening. Thanks for all the feedback.

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