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Thanksgiving Dinner...

Thanksgiving_dinner This morning I arrived at my grandmothers house, and began to clean her house from bow to stern. It was not too messy, but I did spend about two hours tidying up the place, while she remained hunched over the stove, ladling juices over the turkey. After tidying up and rearranging some furniture, the company arrived.

First, one uncle, then another aunt and uncle, a couple of cousins, mother, sisters, and after a few minutes of greeting everyone, the entire house was filled to the brim. We have a rule in our family, when it comes to Thanksgiving and Christmas, if you don't come bearing food or gifts, then you might as well turn around and go home, for you'll get no food. Sometimes grandmother will allow us grandkids and great-grandkids to clean or do some repetitive task, in place of food or gifts.

Anyhow, after saying grace and poking my sister in the back a hundred times, I got in queue to eat. Once the call is uttered, you best watch out, because you are liable to get stomped on by a cousin or uncle. Once I filled my plate, until it was overflowing, I reclined in a rocking chair, set my drink (Iced Tea) down on the coffee table, making sure to put a coaster under it, and inhaled the food.

We sounded like a bunch of pigs, slopping their tongues in delight. After consuming a plate full of food, I antagonised my nephew and stepbrother, until they went outside with the other kids. With a full gut, we all reclined in our chairs or lounges and talked about old times. Grandma pulled out some old pictures to embarrass us all. She loves to do that every chance she gets. That pretty much sums up my Thanksgiving Dinner. ;)

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