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Episode 22

The - I've got to get the heck out of dodge Episode of the Jefferson Davis Saga...

Ladies and Gentleman, this week me and sumsofly (Summertime as she likes to be called now) discuss the tour of Greenville, me leaving town for Ireland for just a few days, Gerry Adams, Steve Irwin, the vainness of America, Life is Grand and You've Changed short stories, Iraq, corruption and how Americans feel about the rest of the world, Allergies, The Pope, Australia, Dreams, Southern Handshake, and how we perceive each other in the world. Also, Sumsofly picks out a song for the end of the show. Stay tuned for next weeks show, for it can only be crazier. I'm headed to Ireland to do some smooth talking, and if I can talk smooth enough, I'll bring Ms. Ireland back, but that is doubtful. :)

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Yes, I know it's a lame poster, but I'm working on it...

Blogs listed on this weeks show...

  1. Alan in Belfast
  2. Letter to America - Jett Loe/Wayne Ordinary American
  3. Skint Writer
  4. Wayne Ordinary American
  5. New Zealand Pubcast

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