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Tumult in North Korea...

I'm sure you all know by now that North Korea has fired off seven missiles and torpedoes over the last day. Well, according to US officials, "North Korea appears to be making preparations to launch another long-range Taepodong-2 missile but the missile is not yet on the launch pad, NBC News reported on Wednesday, citing unnamed U.S. officials".

Kim Jong-il wants one thing, and one thing only, money. I'm sure he revels in the fact, that he has nuclear weapons, but he is after money. These are just scare tactics, that he's using to scare the EU and United States into forking over money.

Problem 1: We've been paying these mongrels off, for way too long, and part of this dilemma is our fault. We are at fault for feeding money to leaders like, Kim Jong-il, to shut them up.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - North Korea's missile tests will not win Pyongyang a "better deal" in six-country negotiations over its nuclear programs, chief U.S. negotiator Chris Hill said on Wednesday.

In an interview with PBS Television, Hill said North Korea may have hoped to improve its bargaining position when it fired off a barrage of missiles a day earlier. But Hill insisted: "They're not going to get a better deal through this; in fact what they're going to face is a six-party (negotiating) process that's more united than ever before."

Problem 2: This bloke treats his citizens, like the scourge of the earth, so we need to find a way to dethrone this bloke, and get a good leader to run the show.

If you want proof of the calamity, which has ensued since Kim Jong-il became the leader of North Korea, go check out this BBC article. The verity is obvious...


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