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Isn't Freedom Grand...

I think that it is grand, that people can express themselves in any fashion they see fit. Although, some people go overboard. The first flag that you see, is the confederate flag, which may infuriate some people. It is proudly planted in the front yard of one of my neighbors. I pass this flag everyday, and it does make me think of where this country has been, and where it is going. Where are we headed, that is a question I ponder everyday.

People tell me that I try to carry the problems of the world on my shoulders, and that is mostly true. For some crazy reason, I do give a damn what happens to America. Maybe it is the name sake, that I carry like a heavy burden. For years, I kept my name hidden from view, hoping no one would find out what it was, but after years of being ashamed of it, I finally said the hell with it, and now everybody knows. If a person can't handle the fact, that a white boy in the Southern US carries that name, then he or she has a deeper problem than Jefferson Davis.
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