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Speaking of swltering heat, as I did in the previous post, 150 people have died from it. This horriffic heat wave is terrible for sick and elderly people. When I was a lad, my grandmother used to tell me how her family would sit and wait in anticipation for the ice man to bring giant cubes of ice; in fact, they would use these giant chunks of ice in an old fashoined ice box, which would keep perishable items, such as milk, cheese, and butter cool, during the hottest part of the year.

However, I can remember my grandfather telling me that his family would put such perishable items in a local creek. He grew up out in the country, picking cotton and doing other back breaking activities. We think that we have it bad in this heat...Huh..we truly don't know the meaning of the word heat, unless you live withough air-conditioning, and then I just feel your pain. I spend about three hours a day out in the sweltering heat, walking and gardening. Stay cool all...
A record-breaking U.S. heat wave that has killed more than 150 people nationwide in the past two weeks claimed two more victims on Thursday just as relief was due.

The heat, which has moved east from California, also prompted record electricity demand and continued to force New York businesses to dim their Times Square billboards as part of a citywide conservation effort.

"We have had more record-breaking heat today, a lot of it in New York state," National Weather Service meteorologist Dennis Feltgen said.

All three of the New York City area's major airports reported August 3 records of 99 to 100 F (38 C). Baltimore, at 100 F, and Bridgeport, Connecticut, at 97 F (36 C), were among other Northeast cities breaking records, Feltgen said.

"The relief is coming on down. Boston will feel it tomorrow, New York will feel it tomorrow, Philadelphia will begin to feel it later tomorrow and we will begin to feel it in Washington and Baltimore tomorrow night and certainly on Saturday," he said.

Kansas City began to cool on Thursday and St. Louis and Indianapolis were expected get relief on Friday, he said.

In Newark, New Jersey, a husband and wife aged 66 and 65 were found dead in their living room with the windows closed and no air conditioning, said Desiree Peterkin Bell, a spokeswoman for the Newark mayor's office.



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