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Recent Search Terms...

Google enjoys toying with my emotions. Recent search terms directing people to my blog were, "Jefferson Davis Dead", "Jefferson Davis' Headstone", "Writings of Jefferson Davis", and my personal favorite "The inner thoughts of Jefferson Davis".
  1. I'm not dead, nor do I want to be dead. The President of the South (Jefferson Davis) is dead, and he has been that way for over a hundred years, so get over it. Life goes on people. The civil war was over a hundred years ago, yet we are still divided, not just north and south, but east and west, ethnicity, and culture still divide us today. Anybody that doesn't see that is a bigot themselves. Recently, a friend made fun of the Northern Irish, because they can't get along, but I was quick to remind him that we cannot get along in our communities, streets, and own houses. Who are we to make fun of another culture?
  2. I don't have a damn headstone, so get over it already. Some people choose to buy a burial plot, headstone and pay for the funeral services ahead of time, but in my opinion, that is planning for death, and I'm planning for that. However, it can be said that dealing with all of that ahead of time, saves your family a lot of grief, yet I say let them weep. Just kidding... I did tell my mother one time, when I was hanging by a thread that was fraying with every breath, that I wanted to be buried overlooking a small pond, while lying under a dogwood tree, which would shed its aromatic blossoms on my grave every spring...
  3. As far as the writing is concerned, I can only hope that more people read what I have to say. Everything I write has a message behind it, whether it be obvious or not.
  4. The inner ponderings of my mind are for my eyes only. :-) My intellect is something that an exquisite being dare not bespeak, and something that an intellectual pines for daily. OK, I am a bit full of myself, but I do have a keen eye and intellectual prowess.. :)

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