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Sell, Sell, Sell...

It appears that the DSCA (Defense Security Cooperation Agency) will be selling off $276 Million dollars worth of spare parts for M1A2 Abrams tanks, M2 Bradley Fighting Vehicles, and other equipment. I guess somebodies pockets are deepening, from that load of cast. I ponder whether they'll the US Government will be paid with Gold or OIl...Oh, I forgot, they are the same thing...

The one plus side to selling off surplus equiptment, is that we are getting something back, or at least somebody is. The US government usually gives away equiptment to one side, so they'll side with us, and then later turn on us, like the Talibon. What's your say?

In a mandatory notification to Congress, the Defense Security Cooperation Agency, which oversees major arms sales, said the deal would help improve the security of Saudi Arabia.

Congress has 30 days to block the deal, although such action is rare.

"The uninterrupted supply of spare parts will allow Saudi Arabia to keep its vehicle fleet at the highest state of readiness," said the agency, which oversees major arms sales.

On Thursday, DSCA notified Congress that it had approved the sale to Saudi Arabia of 24 UH-60L Black Hawk helicopters, radios, armored vehicles and other military equipment worth more than $6 billion.

DSCA said the spare parts deal would take place under a Cooperative Logistics Supply Support Agreement. Under the deal, Saudi Arabia pays for options worth up to $276 million, which it can then use to place orders for spare parts.

It approved $461 million under a similar logistics deal with Saudi Arabia in March 1991 during the first Gulf War.

It said the spare parts would be procured from the many contractors providing similar items to U.S. forces.



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