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I wrote this poem last year, after...ahem...I'll save ya from having to read that garbage. Let me just say, that I got done wrong, as is done to all of us at one point or another... What do you think?

What is a soul to you?

Something you can control for a while,

until you gain another mile.

Someone to listen to all your chronicles,

and christen all the half-truths.

Make you feel big,

while you rig another soul of deceit.

Someone to help with your troubles,

and be there on the double.

Kicked and down I may be,

but a frown you’ll never see.

Friendship is give and take,

for I will never partake in the lies and deceit,

of a snake like you.

Spew your arsenic and guile,

on someone else for a while.

I’ll file your name,

with a sense of shame,

to of ever known your game.

By: Jefferson Davis


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