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I'm still working on a title for this poem. Any feedback would be appreciated. What are your thoughts?

A fire that burns eternally within,

for the touch of your skin.

A fire that encapsulates every palisade,

that flows like a great crusade,

for the chance to be played.

Red hot embers that glow at my feet,

cause the fire to grow with fierce heat.

Every ripple of flame,

that runs up my knees,

causes me to increase a few degrees.

Every time I am in your presence,

that flame climbs with great haste.

As the flame courses up my waste,

I fell as though I am being chaste.

As the blaze begins to flutter up my chest,

my heart starts to mutter,

a word that I dare not utter.

A word for my beloved,

that will never go unloved,

for I’m ablaze from stem to stern,

with your captivating charm.


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