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Jaysus People...

According to Reuters, "The U.S. Agriculture Department's failure to develop a "comprehensive" program to monitor for bird flu could leave the country unprepared if an outbreak happens, a bipartisan group of senators said on Friday".

UPDATE: Read Below...

I've about had up to my beak, with this whole bird-flu preparation gimmick. The USDA is slack, no one is doubting that, but where is the bird flu. I've not heard of any new outbreaks lately.

Live life to the fullest people, and never let an opportunity go by without taking that chance. If you live life to the fullest, then you have nothing to worry about, now do ya...

In a letter to Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns, six lawmakers said some states were not as prepared as they should be for the disease.

To better protect public health, they said, the department should provide states with a protocol for developing avian influenza response plans.

The letter also expressed concern that the U.S. Agriculture Department has not done enough to prepare for an outbreak in multiple states or raise awareness among backyard poultry owners for symptoms of the virus.

"We need leadership from USDA in preparing for the arrival of avian flu," said Sen. Tom Harkin, an Iowa Democrat on the Senate Agriculture Committee.

"USDA's failure to develop a comprehensive monitoring program leaves us in the dark about areas of the country where better surveillance is needed. And USDA's inadequate assistance and cooperation with states and industry leaves our nation unnecessarily vulnerable," he said.

The letter also was signed by Democratic Sens. Harry Reid, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Charles Schumer and Republican Charles Grassley.

Last month, USDA's inspector general said the United States did not have adequate measures in place to survey and monitor for avian influenza, including the deadly H5N1 strain.

I think what scared the Senators into speaking up, was the fact that the 42nd Death was confirmed yesterday in Indonesia. Every time we put these sort of things on the back burner, it always comes back to burn us in the end. Are you scared of the big...bad...H5N1 virus?

I'm not scared of notin, for my name is Jefferson Davis, and anybody named that and had a gun put there head over that name, and still persist on using is a tough sum bitch... Bring it on H5N1... I ain't scared! LOL
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