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Google has developed a new version of its popular search engine, pacifically for the blind and visually impaired. I'm not making fun of the blind, or Google's effort to help them search the Internet; in fact, I am blind in my left eye....Well, 95% blind in my left eye. Oh well, Jefferson Davis has revealed something else about himself. Oh, what a scary thought that is.

Yes, I can remember going to Blind Camp as a kid, and how I felt like a king, because after all, I am only blind in one eye. Those were great times on the lake, let me tell you...

Anyhow, getting back to the story, Google's new search engine product will pick out the easiest to read web pages, closest to the search criteria.

Complex, graphical designs that pack a lot of information onto large Web pages fare poorly when a low vision user relies on screen magnifiers that must expand small sections of a computer screen and make them huge, the researcher said.

A blind or dyslexic user of a screen reader that converts text into spoken words using a synthesized voice would waste a lot of time skipping over extraneous page content, he noted.



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