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Cramming for Exams Time...

Books_1 Well folks, it is cram time here in my crazy world, so my post will be more sparse for the next two weeks. I've got about a months worth of studying todo in two weeks. Oh the joys of college. Don't get me wrong, I love college, but after two years of the same bull, I'm a little distressed. I hold a part-time job right now, that I'm going to school to have. Several people have told me to drop out and go to work full-time as an IT Consultant, but I always stick things out, so I guess I'll continue the grind this fall.

Thankfully, I will have a break this summer, which is way overdue. My mind is a blur of statistics, quotes, audio bits, notes, and useless dribble that will inevitable dissolve my brain into mush. I have never understood why they have to cram the hardest part of the semester all the way at the end. I rather start out hard, and end the semester with ease. I don't know how they educate overseas, but I would have to say that it is probably better. What's your say on American Education?


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