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This Day in History 1

On May 20th 1889 the infamous Adolf Hitler was born. Although, we are all human beings, Hitler proved to be more deviant than any other man in the 19th century. I ponder sometimes how the world would be today, if he took over the world, like he wanted to do. He was an evil man that hated Jewish people, which really bothers me. It has been rumored for years that he was part Jewish. If you are going to hate one race, why not hate them all?

Strangely, the towns of Nuremberg and Stuttgart in Germany were taken on this day in 1945, which was the end of Hitler. His 2000 year reign, that he so callously professed, came to an end. Personally, I think he knew the end was near. How could he not?

What's your say on the momentous events in History?



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