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This is for a women, that...ahem...I'm not going to tell you about at the moment. Just try to imagine a brick wall, which I'm trying to break down. Any suggestions would be appreciated. What are your thoughts?

Over and over, I try to surpass the brick wall,

that you have so callously put before me.

But with every hit of chisel and hammer,

a brick falls, and I encounter a piece of your heart.

The thought of that brick wall falling,

is the only thought that keeps my hammer swinging.

Ultimately, I will not fail,

for my hammer and chisel will never be frail.

Suddenly, the wall of protection begins to sway,

for I am swinging in dismay.

Eagerly, I knock down the wall,

that kept you from being enthralled,

by the love,

that I have recalled.


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