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Spooky Dreams..

P1000093 The dream I’m about to tell you about haunted me for months until one night a figure entered my dream and stopped the horror, which was affecting my reality during the day. Also, I left out about three paragraphs that give background, but I don't believe they are important to the story, just fluff.

P.S.: Read the whole story, before you make any judgements on it. Let me know what you think...

I leave a restaurant one night, after eating and drinking the night away with a few good friends. As I leave this place, I go out the wrong door and end up in an Alley, which was devoid of light. The only source of light was the moon itself, which was full. As I gaze up at the light-emitting moon, I begin to get cold, and the hairs on the back of my neck begin to stand on end. A brumal murkiness begins to envelop the alley. I sense something terrible, as if I should fear for my life, like an instinct from the stone ages, which is urging and pushing me to run from the unknown, which lurks in the alley. I fight my fears and urges with all of my might. It is as if I were drowning, and trying to fight the urge to breathe.

As I gaze around this alley, I see a figure walking towards me. I cannot make out the image of the figure; all I can envision is a human like figure. The closer I get to this figure, the colder I get, as if I were entering a walk-in freezer. I finally say hello with shivering lips of empathy, but I get no response in return. Now, I begin to get frightened, yet just as I begin to turn around towards the exit of the alley, the image becomes clear, it is a beastly angel, which has no substance. As I turn in freight, the beast opens its arms and comes towards me, so I begin to run, like a triathlon runner, for I feared for my existence.

My heart began thumping faster and faster, until the beats almost seemed instantaneous, like an engine that floats its valves, when being over revved. As I run towards the road that is at the end of this alley, I begin to weep in fear, for I may never see my family again. I look back to see if the hideous monster is still there, and for a brief moment of time, it was not behind me, but just as I begin to slow, it suddenly appears with its claws extended. When I turn to look forward, so I can run faster, the alley starts to transform into a dark endless corridor. The familiar alley vaporized behind me, as if I were traveling through time or another dimension.

The corridors walls were slimy and reflective, almost as if they were soaked in radioactive sewer water. The only light in the corridor was coming from the floor, which reflected onto the walls. Every time I look back, the beast gets closer, and as it gets closer, I begin to slow down as if it is drawing the life out of me, almost like a needle drawing blood. I look back by impulse alone, because the beast is so horrifying, and it lunges towards me and tears my shirt with its claws, trying to grab me.

The beast has withdrew the energy from my body, and I can no longer bear the energy to fight, so I stop, and wait for the beast in agony. As the beast approaches, I have flashbacks of all the people I had wronged. I cannot stop the images; they keep coming and coming, so much that I drop to the floor in a sobbing manner. As I wipe the salty tears from my optics with my hands, I see more beastly beings without substance materializing around me. They are black and empty of life, like shadows that have their own existence.

I begin to look upwards, awaiting a sign of hope, when the beast, which had chased me and ripped my shirt, appeared out of nowhere. I began to shutter as they started intertwining with my spirit. In one last plea for my life, I cried out to God, but to no avail. As I bow my head and give up hope, a light enters the corridor, which envelops the beast and I. The beast runs in fear of their existence, except for the biggest beast, which tries to take me through the floor, which has turned transparent and devoid of substance.

Another figure enters the corridor, which is full of light by this time. The beast grabs me and starts running, as I was running from him. Just as I begin to wonder if I’ll ever leave this alternate universe alive, the bright and light-emitting figure appears in front of me. The figure had on a white robe, that radiated light so bright, that it burned my eyes, as if I were gazing directly at the sun. The bright figure grabbed the beast that was fighting with every fiber of its being. The figure held the enormous fighting beast, as if he were holding a cup of tea in his hand. I was in awe and immense fear at the same time.

The bright figure looked down at the floor, and a great hole opened beneath the beast, which was still being held by the bright figure. The beast started fighting with immense thrust, but the figure looked at the beast, and the beast stopped fighting and jumped into the hole to another dimension, time, or perhaps hell itself. The figure looked at me and smiled. I became overcome with joy and love, but before I could say a word to the figure, the corridor transformed back into the alley, that I had left in fear for my life. There was no fog, nor was it cold, just a dark night, which was normal for that time of year.

As I start walking out of the alley, a great voice overcomes me and says, “Take heed from the lessons you have learned from this experience, for I may not be able to save you next time”. The voice went as quick as it came, but I will not soon forget the lessons from that dream, for earlier that night, I had been acting like a fool, and talking badly about some of my closest friends.

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