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Opinionated Irish-American

Peacepipe Recently, someone suggested that I was not Irish, which enraged me, because I am 7/8 Irish and 1/8 Native American. I don’t know if this person said that because of my profile picture or what, but I assure you that I am of Irish descent. Why would I make up such an ethnicity as my heritage? If I were going to make up an ancestry, then I could have picked English, Scottish, Welsh, Dutch, French, German, Swiss, and many more. I cannot go back and pick where my ancestors came from, and I am not ashamed of being Irish or Native American. I call myself an Opinionated Irish-American, because a friend gave me that tag line a longtime ago.

Everything I have ever revealed about myself on this blog is the complete truth, and perhaps I release too much out to the public, but I assure you that all is true. Being Irish or Native American does not define who I am, it just adds to my personality. I’m an American first and foremost, then Irish and Native American. I was discussing immigration the other day over at United Irelander. UI and many others were fearful the U.S. Government would boot out all Illegal Irish immigrants, and I said that if the Irish were singled out like that, then I would stand and right the wrongs of our Government. I do not believe they will ever single out one nationality.

In addition, I have give some people the impression that I only date and go after Irish, redheaded women, and that is slightly true, but not 100% correct. I do love the redheaded women and their spunk, but I follow love in whatever female form that is. However, my family is fastidious about what women I get in a serious relationship with, which is a nightmare for them and me.

Finally, I know a few people that are blonde headed like me, and they are Italian. Blonde hair is only in Italy because of Immigration. Would I ever question their nationality? NO. Assuming that a person is poor or rich by the way they dress or act is Racist, and the same can be said for assuming that a person is one nationality, when they are of another nationality. For example, if you assume that a dark skinned Hispanic person only speaks Spanish, and you begin speaking Spanish to that person, then you would be Racist towards the Hispanic person.

If you learn any lesson from me, don’t assume anything about anybody. Because I look so young and impressionable, people assume that I’m an idiot, and that really pisses me off to no avail. People assume that I’m poor, because I wear blue jeans and a T-Shirt all the time, but I’m not poor at all. There was a quote in the movie Under Siege 2, which is my favorite quote off all-time. “Assumption is the mother of all fuck ups”. Stick that in your peace pipe and smoke it. LOL…


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