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Episode 30

The - Filled to the Brim Episode of the Jefferson Davis Saga...

In which, Brian F., and yours truly, give you the Tasmanian Devil view(Expediently cover issues.) of politics, money, and the brain-sickness that is infesting the world. We discuss the minimum-wage hike that may kill small businesses, the pentagon, money laundering in Washington D.C., and we say a wee prayer for Senator Tim Johnson. We also hash out our favourite drinks, including standard vodka, which bought, Miss USA, and her drinking problems, and the homicidal brain-sick psycho that has slain five Cyprians on the streets of Suffolk England. Brian argues that Earl Grey Tea is better than English Breakfast Tea, while I take up for the English.

Music on this weeks show was brought to you by, Marc Gunn.

Blogs talked about on this weeks show are:

  1. Alan in Belfast
  2. Film Talk
  3. Letter to America
  4. Skint Writer
  5. Short Short Fiction by DBA Lehane
  6. The Inner Minx
  7. Playaz Ball
  8. Wayne Ordinary American
  9. Writing Passions

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P.S.: Please let me know if you have any suggestions for the show.
P.P.S.: No really, you can email me any suggestions; in fact, I insist on it. :)
P.P.P.S.: I will clean up the language Monday, if I can squeeze in a few minutes. :)


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