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Salty Lips

Folks, I'm knee deep in studying for my finals, so I give you a poem that I wrote a few months ago. It's short, but it conveys the feeling that I was trying to get across at the time. I've been given permission to post this poem, by her. Feel free to give suggestions on how to improve it. It's a work in progress, like everything I do. :)

Tears run deep

even in sleep

Every tear that flows,

causes me great sorrow.

Tears flow along her face,

tears caused by my disgrace,

and shimmer down her cheeks

Whimpering in defeat

Pooling in her lips

I'm such a fool,

a fool in vain,

for the tears are falling like rain

tears falling from her chin

dropping to the ground

gathering in a mound.

Tears will dry,

when I come through the sky.

Wipe those tears away baby,

because I'm coming to stay.

I've kissed your lips,

and felt your breath.

A sweet embrace

that will never be misplaced.

-Jefferson Davis-

P.S.: I'm going to put links to all of my old poetry below, so feel free to opine.

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