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As most of you know, or if you don't know, I'm heavily involved in technology, but mainly PC network infrastructure and the like. Currently, I'm enrolled in a Network Administrations Management Degree, but I'm slated to change that soon. The deeper (Two Years) I plunged into the degree, the more I realised it wasn't for me. It would pay the bills, but I wouldn't be happy, so I'm seeking more creative routes in life's great journey.

I have no problem with working hard, I've done everything from digging ditches, with my father smacking me over the head, saying, "Dig faster", to running to successful businesses. However, I'm now at the mercy of people above me in the long chain of authority. Life has come full circle for me in a finite amount of time. I went from being your normal Joe, to a big bad boss, back to being a regular Joe. Not that I have a problem with being a regular Joe or anything. :)

Anyway, I love all of the new Web 2.0 websites(a.k.a. Tools). I use Gmail, but I had never bothered with the Google Homepage. I started playing around with it recently, and I have to say that I like it. All of my news, weather, and blogs are updated instantaneously on one page.

Do you use an RSS aggregator or something similar to Google Home?

Oh, the Republic of Ireland flag, blowing precariously on the picture below was put there to mess with you. :) I'm an American, and there is no point in denying that fact. If you listen to the PodCast, you'd pick up on my Southern American accent in a second. (Smiling, trying to hold in the laughter.)



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